About Us

Castle Bridge Capital is a bespoke bridging finance company with over 40 years experience in this market. This experience and unparalleled understanding of the sector allow us offer our unique approach to bridging finance that is client focused and creates a customized solutions tailored to our client’s exact needs.

We believe that there is no “one size fit all” when it comes to bridging finance, every client’s specific needs and requirements are analyzed by our highly trained staff and a unique solution is offered.

Castle Bridge Capital offers a transparent bridging finance service with no upfront fees and a quick and easy application and no hidden costs, everything a client would expect from an efficient and trustworthy partner.

We give you the royal treatment, our staff are ready and able to assist you with your bridging needs and we endeavour to meet your needs with a customized bridging solutions that fits your requirements.

Bridging finance with Castle Bridge Capital

Getting access to your funds from a pension fund or provident fund is not always an easy process.

Financial freedom in the form of cash flow is important especially when you are relying on those funds for day to day needs.

At Castle Bridge Capital, we help by giving you upfront access to these funds while awaiting the payout of your policy or fund.

Do I qualify for bridging finance?

Bridging finance from Castle Bridge Capital is available to anybody who is expecting a lumpsum payment from a pension or provident fund payout. This includes:





Give one of our client service agents a call and

get the royal treatment that you deserve.