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Resigning from your job and moving onto the next chapter of your life is both exciting and potentially stressful. Be it that you are moving into a new career or starting a business, receiving your pension or provident fund payout could be the event that supports or trips up your plans. Castle Bridge Capital offers a simple bridging finance solution to give you access to a portion of the funds due to you. This will allow you to bridge the gap between resigning and receiving that all-important payout. Don’t let cash flow get in the way of your future, let Castle Bridge Capital help.



The economy is in turmoil, job security is a rollercoaster ride, all the ups and downs of business and career are hard to stomach. Unfortunately, sometimes your company just doesn’t get it right, and you bare the brunt of it… That awful letter notifying you that you have been retrenched. You have a plan though! Use some of your pension or provident fund to start a business or to tide you over until you start that new career or worst case just to make ends meet. Sometimes however plans don’t work out and this is where Castle Bridge Capital has you covered. We help you get immediate access to a portion of your provident or pension fund payout in a matter of days, quickly, giving you a lifeline to weather that storm that life has thrown at you.



The end of a marriage is tough to live through, adding financial strain to the equation can make it unbearable. Life goes on and so do the costs of living. Castle Bridge Capital is here to help you navigate through this emotional and stressful time. We can help with the financial strain by giving you bridging finance based on your divorce settlement. Our simple process will have cash in your hands within a few days. Our bridging finance allows you to get an upfront payment of a portion of your divorce settlement with no upfront fees all at an affordable price. Divorce doesn’t have to be the end and doesn’t have to cripple you financially. Let Castle Bridge Capital help you through this.



Reaching the end of your working career and now settling into the golden years of your life is an important time. Cashflow during this season is very important. Having cash available to settle a home loan or other debt is time-sensitive. Paying for a new car or even that trip to Hawaii that you and your spouse have been waiting for might have to happen at a particular time and that doesn’t always line up with the payout of your pension or provident fund. At Castle Bridge Capital, we help you realize your dreams by bringing a cost-effective way to access your hard-earned cash. Our bridging finance services are at the top of the industry and are tailor-made to your situation.


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